Modern California Ivy

Modern California Ivy takes its style inspiration from primarily four sources: English Modernism, American Ivy League style of the mid-20th century--both of which were influenced by Italian design--and finally, from California, the origin of so much cultural influence worldwide.

Modern California Ivy is partial to natural US and European made goods, however, it does not take a dogmatic approach when selecting items. Items made in other parts of the world as well as synthetic fabrics will make appearances. There will also be a mix of vintage and more recently produced items.

Modern California Ivy understands that not all fashion conscious wearers can afford the quality goods of many producers and therefore will strive to provide affordable yet stylish options for discernible dressers looking for clothes that make the wearer more confident.

Modern California Ivy believes in recycling fashion because of value, but also because of its benefit to the environment. In addition, many goods produced in the past are of high quality.

This men’s Royal Hem Light Blue Cotton/Nylon, 3-2 Roll, Sports Coat was Made in Italy. It is 47% cotton and 53% nylon. It is very slim fitting as Royal Hem designs slim fitting clothing. The sleeves are very narrow and high as well. This sports coat features quarter lining, patch pockets, a single vent and a 3-2 roll. The partial lining, the color and the weight make this jacket perfect for spring and summer.

It is on sale here.  

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